A Tip for Adding Borders

Here's an important tip: Before you add borders always measure your quilt top. Don’t assume that your piecing is perfect.

Always cut your borders to match the quilt top’s length and width measurements and then make the edges fit the border. Simply cutting a long strip, sewing it to the quilt, and trimming the excess length results in wavy edges, skewed corners, and a quilt that is longer on one side than the other. If one side of the quilt is slightly longer than the other, the time to correct it is before the border is applied.

Use a metal, retractable tape measure to find the length and width through the middle of the quilt. These numbers will be your cutting lengths.

Cut both side borders the same length, using the center length measurement. Make the quilt top fit them by easing or gently stretching the quilt top where necessary.

Cut strips for the top and bottom borders equal to the quilt’s width measurement, and make the top fit the borders. If two sides vary in length by more than ¾", find a place to correct it in the piecing of the quilt.

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