Ten Best Reasons for Making a Bed Runner

The bed runner is a luxurious decorator touch that was first seen in higher-end boutique hotels, quickly becoming a familiar and welcome bedroom accent. As quilters, we can easily create several new looks to give new life to one single, solid color bedspread or duvet.

10. You can pretend your bedroom is a five-star hotel room!
9a. It's a great way to test quilt blocks or techniques before you commit to making a full size quilt.
9. You can finally convert the blocks from one of your UFO's
into a finished project.
8. The holidays are coming -- who has time to sew a king-sized quilt!!??
7. Now you can lounge on the bed with your shoes on.
6. You'll still get credit for making a quilt.
5. Depending on its size, the same bed runner can easily be used as a wall hanging (horizontally or vertically) or a large table runner, mantle drape, window valance, sofa throw...
4. You can create a second coordinating bed runner to be finished as a headboard.
3. Just imagine how many bed runner gifts you can knock out before the holidays!
2. Drape it over a bedroom chair at night, to enjoy your own creativity first thing in the morning.
1. Your dog / cat will love it!

Now that you're inspired, here are a few creative suggestions


  • Visualize a section from a favorite quilt design, and cut the width down to a bed runner size (approx 15 to 14" wide.) Lengthen the runner with additional piecing or single-fabric borders along the short ends.
  • Bed runners are the perfect project to show off large designs in big, easy blocks.
  • Optionally, add flat pockets to the sides to hold a magazine for bedtime reading

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