How's Your Quilt IQ?

 How Well Do You Know Quilt Block Patterns?

Choose from the multiple choice options below and see how well you know your quilt block patterns.


Quilt Block Pattern #1

a. Hands All Around
b. Lone Star
c. Friendship Star
d. None of the above

Quilt Block Pattern #2

a. Drunkards Path
b. Winding Paths
c. Orange Peel

Quilt Block Pattern #3

a. Cut Glass Dish
b. Flying Geese
c. Hens and Chickens
d. All of the above


Quilt Block Pattern #4

a. Log Cabin
b. Handy Andy
c. Quilted Strips


Quilt Block Pattern #5

a. Eight Patch Star
b. Dresden Plate
c. Lemoyne Star
d. None of the above


Quilt Block Pattern #6

a. Monkey Wrench
b. Cut Glass Dish
c. Handy Andy

 Here are the answers…


Quilt Pattern #1

If you guessed “C, ” you are correct. This quilt pattern uses the Friendship Star.


Quilt Pattern #2 If you guessed “A,” you are correct. This block was used in a block of the month.


Quilt Pattern #3- This block is part of the Four Geese A Flying Quilt Pattern, so if you guessed “B,” you got this one right.


Quilt Pattern #4- If you guessed “A,” Log Cabin, you are correct. As shown in  The Mount Everest Quilt Pattern by designer Barb Sackel.


Quilt Pattern #5- This block was taken from the LeMoyne Beauty Quilt Pattern. So if you guessed “C,” you are right on. From designer Brenda Plaster of Spool and Bobbin Quilting, this is a traditional block pattern that looks great done in traditional or vintage reproduction civil war fabrics.


Quilt Pattern #6- The correct answer to this one is “A.” This Checkerboard Quilt Pattern by designer Sue Beevers of Trillium Ridge Quilt Patterns, features the delightful Monkey Wrench Block.

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