How to keep Triangle Points Pointy

After taking the time to sew crisp and consistent triangles, it would be a shame to lose your points in the seams of your blocks. By following a few helpful hints, you can easily maintain sharp points when sewing the units together. In Martingale's STITCH this! blog, Jenny Cardon shared the following tips from Pat Sloan’s "Teach Me to Sew Triangles"that work for any type of triangle piecing.

1. Begin with units that have been sewn and trimmed to the correct dimensions. If one or more of the units is not the correct size from the start, the problem will only multiply when you sew them together. Using a clear gridded ruler (not the grid on the cutting mat), measure each unit to be sure it’s the correct size.

2. Place the two units to be joined right sides together. Whenever possible, arrange the units with the intersection facing up so you can see it as you stitch. After lining up the units, place a pin directly before and after the intersection rather than directly at the intersection. This secures the layers and makes it easy to remove the pins without disturbing the precise alignment point.

3. Begin stitching the units, but note that an exact 1/4″ seam-allowance width will actually guide the needle directly into the triangle point. To keep a sharp triangle point, it’s important to account for the bulk of the fabric fold along the seamline, also known as “turn of cloth.”

If the seam allowance is too wide, the point will be chopped off when you press open the units. Save the point by sewing slightly outside of the intersection, just a thread or two into the ¼" seam allowance.

4. Press the units flat before unfolding them to warm the fabric and set the stitches. Open the units and press the seam allowances away from the triangle point to reduce the bulk underneath it. Notice how the point lines up with the seamline without getting lost within it.

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