Wooly Block Adventure

Oct 16 to Dec 16

The NEW Wooly Block Adventure begins...Click here for details about our block... 

Just like last year, visit any participating Wooly Block Adventure™ store this fall October 16 - December 15, 2017 to receive one 8-inch wool appliqué block pattern for free! But wait... visiting the shop is not the only way to receive a shop’s Wooly Block pattern. Patterns and kits may be purchased online and by mail order during the event! You do not need to be near participating shops to have fun and collect with Wooly! 

NEW! You now have the opportunity to collect all of the patterns for free! Be watching for Spotlight Shops! Every participating WBA shop will be featured for a few days here on the Row by Row Experience website as a "Spotlight Shop". During this featured time, their Wooly Block Adventure pattern will be available to you as a free download. Every participating shop will be featured! Keep checking back for new patterns! Note: Spotlight Shop free patterns are available in PDF form only and will not be mailed.

Claim a prize! Create a project of your choice using at least 8 WBA patterns from 8 different participating WBA Fall 2017 stores. Be the first to bring it into a participating shop to win a prize of a wool fat quarter and a $25 gift certificate. You have between December 16, 2017 and February 15, 2018 to claim a prize!

Be sure to collect your blocks during the fall season. After December 15, the Wooly patterns go into hibernation to allow those who collected patterns to complete a project. After February 15 stores may choose to offer patterns and kits again.

More for your adventure...

Since 9 is the perfect number to create a 3 block x 3 block sampler, a bonus 9th Block is available in several stores. Ask for it and include it in your project. Note: The 9th Block must be the 9th block. You still must include 8 blocks from 8 different 2017 WBA participating stores to claim a prize

Stay connected by visiting the Wooly Block Facebook Page and don't forget to join the fun in the Wooly Block Neighborhood.

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