Intl Sew Your Rows Month

Sep 1 to Sep 30


September is International Sew Your Rows Month

The kids are back in school and the peaches are canned so it’s time to SEW YOUR ROWS! The days are still long and football is back on weekend TV. Talk about weekends! You’ve got FIVE of them and the first one is three days long.

Get Ready!

☐ Organize your kits and patterns. No guilt. Rowing is a hobby. Remember all the fun you had collecting them on summer vacation and there’s no expiration date on them either.
☐ Do your favorites first. Then gifts. Start with the easiest. Finished is better than perfect.
☐ Open up the kits. Read through the patterns and inventory the parts. Got everything? Yes!No? Don’t stress. Make a list. Raid your stash.
☐ Plan no-sew task time. Trace and cut applique shapes while watching evening TV.

Go Sew!

☐ Stock up on basic supplies. Fusibles? Always get used up quickly on rows. Thread? Machine needles, M&M’s, coffee, wine?
☐ Not sure your rows will become a quilt? Buy a couple yards of your own background or sky. Switch out the kit’s background for yours and use it for all rows. This way your rows will always work together whatever their future.
☐ Plan a Row sewing party. Invite friends. Eat!
☐ Row and Tell. Take lots of photos. Post them on Facebook. Use the hashtag #isewedarow. Drop in to The Quiltery and show us your rows. Take more photos.
☐ Share your Row stories. Write to and post on social media using #isewedarow

September 5, 2017 is the last day to collect complimentary patterns and buy kits. October 31st is the last day to submit a finshed qullt. The Quiltery already has a winner, but we can help you find another shop that needs one. 

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