Crazy Quilting - section B (4th of 5)

Crazy quilting has nothing to do with one’s state of mind and everything to do with a distinctive, freestyle approach to quilting. Since the 1800s in America, and earlier in other parts of the world, people began to construct crazy quilts. Crazy quilts have several distinguishing characteristics: random patchwork; non-traditional fabrics; no batting; and embellishments like silk flowers, beads, lace, buttons, sequins and embroidery stitches.

The class is broken into five sessions, as follows:

  1. Piecing the Hexagon onto a foundation - Thursday, February 22nd
  2. Lace embellishment with beads - Thursday, March 22nd
  3. Ribbon Embroidery - Thursday, April 26th
  4. Button and Beads - Thursday, May 24th
  5. Combination of all of the above and finishing your hexagons - Thursday, June 21st

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Thursday, May 24 -- 9:30am
Kay Carter
$50.00 (includes all five sessions)

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