Class - English Paper Piecing Intro

Everyone loves a good take-along project. And it's  even better when the project can use some of those small scraps that you love, can't throw away, but don't quite know what to do with.

What is EPP? ... English Paper Piecing (commonly called EPP) is a classic technique that continues to thrill modern day quilters. It is one of those beloved quilting practices that can be incorporated into so many different kinds of projects. Basically, it is the technique of wrapping fabric around a paper piece to stabilize and form a specific shape. More often than not, hexagons are what first comes to mind. The fabric is basted around pre-cut paper shapes and then sewn together by hand, usually with a whipstitch or a ladder stitch. After the pieces are all sewn together, the foundation papers and bastings stitches are removed. This is a fun and simple way to create complex blocks.

Wednesday, September 19 -- 10:00am
Kim Kerschl
$5 includes the class materials

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