It's Not a Square

What began as a year-long block exchange* between Carol Hopkins and her quilting friends has developed into a beautiful and unique 12-Month BOM quilt called "It's Not a Square." The finished quilt measures 57" x 78" and features the "American Swatch Book" fabrics by Judy Rothermel that she developed specifically for this program.

This kit includes all the fabric for your quilt top and binding. There are also twelve booklets that coordinate the fabric in the kit with specific blocks from the required Carol Hopkins book, The 4" x 5" Quilt Block Anthology: 182 Blocks for Reproduction Fabrics .

The Anthology is not included in the kit, but if you do not have a copy, it can be purchased with the kit for $23.00 (a 20% discount).  The book has 110 more blocks than the 72 used in the quilt, so it has added value for those who prefer to make a larqger quilt, several different quilts or additional projects. At the end of the program all 72 blocks are set together to make a sampler quilt of 4" x 5" blocks (as pictured).

If choosing to make this quilt with the Block of theMonth program, the payments are as follows:

Month One - $55.00 (this includes all the fabrics used for the blocks because they need to be delivered use almost all of them in the six blocks created in Month One.)

Months Two through Eleven -  $11.00/month (Each month you receive a new booklet)  

MonthTwelve - $25.00 (includes the last booklet and the finishing fabrics)

Also available all-at-once for $179.00

*As Carol explains the origins of the Anthology: "The unique feature of these blocks was that they weren't square - they finished at 4" x 5". We recreated some classic blocks and also designed more than 50 original blocks that no one has ever seen before. We ended up with 182 different blocks. We then developed a book containing instructions for making all of the blocks."

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