Tip - How to Rotary Cut (1)

Watch this video from "Anything but Boring" for tips on how you can make sure your fabric is straight before cutting strips. When it isn't straight, you can end up with a "V" in the middle of the strip.


How's Your Quilt IQ?

 How Well Do You Know Quilt Block Patterns?

Choose from the multiple choice options below and see how well you know your quilt block patterns.


Quilt Block Pattern #1

a. Hands All Around
b. Lone Star
c. Friendship Star
d. None of the above

Check Out These Tuffets!

We've had a great time making such a wonderful variety of tuffets and have scheduled another class in June, so be sure to check it out

Postcard Party Update

We had a grand time opening up the postcards we received as a swap for the ones we sent in from The Quiltery in January. This was the first year for this event...now that we know how it works, we expect that next year even more people will enjoy the fun. (It's also never a bad idea to have an excuse for a party!)

Postcard Party Update

Row by Row Fabric Plates

Here are our fabric plates we currently have available...

The significance of "Gathering"

A Gathering
A Gathering

Eighteenth and nineteenth century women were in large part unable to leave a significant lasting record of their lives. They were all too often denied an education, did not have a say in shaping policy or politics, and were discouraged from speaking their minds or contributing ideas, even in their own homes. With the coming of the Civil War, many women found their voice trading paper and pen for needles and fabric.

A Wonderful Collection

Jan Patek's Castlewood collection is beautiful. The designs, inspired by Castlewood State Park in St. Louis, Missouri. are woodsy and rustic, with natural lights and darks reflecting the intense colors of autumn.

We Have a Winner!

We were delighted when Diane B. brought in her great row-by-row quilt on Thursday! Her design features 7 rows on the front in a very nice arrangement with the eighth row on the back. Congratulations Diane....and thanks for using The Quiltery's "Flying Through the Seasons" row!

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