Make a Tuffet!

A tuffet is defined as a low stool (think "Little Miss Muffet...") and is a delightful piece of furniture to add to any decor. The variety of design/fabric choices provide you with infinite possibilities. For example, in the tuffet classes we've had to date, there have been tuffets designed for living rooms, for rec rooms, for children's rooms. Once they have taken the class and have learned the process, a number of people are planning to make one or two to use as unique gifts for special people. We have all the parts you need.

Tip - How to Rotary Cut (1)

Watch this video from "Anything but Boring" for tips on how you can make sure your fabric is straight before cutting strips. When it isn't straight, you can end up with a "V" in the middle of the strip.

How's Your Quilt IQ?

 How Well Do You Know Quilt Block Patterns?

Choose from the multiple choice options below and see how well you know your quilt block patterns.


Quilt Block Pattern #1

a. Hands All Around
b. Lone Star
c. Friendship Star
d. None of the above

The significance of "Gathering"

A Gathering
A Gathering

Eighteenth and nineteenth century women were in large part unable to leave a significant lasting record of their lives. They were all too often denied an education, did not have a say in shaping policy or politics, and were discouraged from speaking their minds or contributing ideas, even in their own homes. With the coming of the Civil War, many women found their voice trading paper and pen for needles and fabric.

Heralding "Soft Fuse"

'Soft Fuse Premium" is a product worth trying! It's a soft, lightweight paperbacked fusible web for both machine or hand appliqué that lets your needle glide and your creativity flow. With no steaming involved, a quick, dry iron press leaves your gorgeous appliqué without any webbed glue residue.

Susybee and Her Friend Bird

Bird, Zoe,and SusybeeHidden away from the dull, gray world where everything seems so serious and ordinary, is the wonderful world of Susybee and her friends.

Working with Strip-It

Have you ever used the Strip-It fabrics designed by Faye Burgos for Marcus Fabrics? I think you'll get some good ideas from the following YouTube video produced  by Vicki Bellinni.


A Tip for Adding Borders

Here's an important tip: Before you add borders always measure your quilt top. Don’t assume that your piecing is perfect.

Barbara Brackman's "Civil War Sampler"

 This remarkable book features fifty quilt blocks to commemorate the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, some of which were presented on Barbara’s blog in 2011. Many of these blocks weren’t designed until the 1930s, but Barbara selected each one for the unique symbolism its name lends to recounting stories of the war during the mid-1800s. Dig into your reproduction fabrics and enjoy mixing and matching blocks to make your own tribute quilt. Images of sampler quilts are included for inspiration

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