Tumbling Pumpkins

Here's our block for the 2017 Wooly Block Adventure!
~~The theme this year is Harvest Time~~

We have kits available for $10.00.

Note: Each kit contains one pattern - a second pattern costs an additional $5.00.

If you would like us to mail you the pattern only ($5+ $.50 pstg = $5.50) or mail the kit ($10 + $3 pstg = $13) give us a call (540-377-9191) or email us (thequiltery@earthlink.net).  

OR...Get a free pattern by visiting The Quiltery or downloading a copy when we are a Spotlight Shop. (Each participating shop is spotlighted for two days...our dates were December 1st and 2nd.)  


Thanks so much for your wonderful block for the Wooly Block Adventure. Love old trucks so this one will be so much fun to work on. Thanks again!

Thanks Marge. I got your order for the kit -will be in touch for mailing information.

Thank you so much I was so happy to see this one I love trucks, and my husband doesn't lol oh well I appreciate the free design. Merry Christmas!

Thanks Kathy - I know what you mean about trucks...mine isn't anywhere on the horizon either!

Adorable block, I will definitely be making this one. Thanks very much!

Thanks Diana.


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